My Coaching Philosophy

During my time as a professional cricketer, I was privileged to be able to play with and against some amazing players, legends of the game. I was also able to talk with those players about the game and their beliefs. Now I am coaching, my aim is to use those experiences in my methods and philosophies to improve cricketers both technically and mentally at whatever age and level.

It is very much my belief that no two coaching sessions are the same. Whilst it’s true that many technical applications will stand the test of time, the way that technical information is delivered to, and indeed perceived by different players varies greatly. I believe this to be true not only within different age and ability ranges, but also within the same peer groups.

My coaching philosophy is to firstly understand the players needs and requirments and then to deliver a session, or series of sessions, in an enjoyable but challenging environment, that will give the individual that, as I refer to it, ” LIGHT BULB MOMENT “. That is the moment when they not only understand the concept of the technical information, but more importantly, through application, feel the improvements for themselves as a direct result of those changes.

Ian will offer professional cricket coaching to small groups or on a 1:1 basis, using modern coaching aids including bowling machines where available and where appropriate. He will look at all aspects of the game to include the following:

  • Batting
  • Bowling
  • Fielding
  • Wkt Keeping
  • Game Awareness Coaching
  • Coach Education Sessions (improving your own coaching skills)

REMEMBER : Understanding how “YOU” play more successfully, is always more rewarding than someone trying to tell you how to play more successfully.

  • Open your mind
  • Never be afraid to change
  • Enjoy learning and improving



1:1 Coaching


*per hour

1:2 Coaching


*per person, per hour

Group Coaching


*per person, per hour

Coach Education


*per person, per hour

Video Analysis


*per person, per hour

Please note all prices are subject to change. Any cancellations less than 48 before the booked session will be charged the full session fee